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1 BassamMahfouz  
2 HaydenSutherland It's appalling that there's no lift. Just relying on the less-than- helpful staff is a joke
3 GarethShaw  
4 PaulModley Have been using EB station for the last 15+ years and cannot belive how inadequate it is for the number of commuters that use it. Come on relevant authorities, make it happen, make Ealing residents proud!
5 YoelGordon  
6 HaroldDalton  
7 MaryDevine Ealing is such a busy station, and is sometimes incredibly hard to get out via the steps, especially when there are pushchairs, people on crutches, older people, also trying to get out.. it gets very congested around the exit/entrance.
8 HelenPhelan  
9 DanielCrawford  
10 AlasdairTudhope  
11 ChrisSummers  
12 AraIskanderian Lets see some of their profits ploughed back into a local site.
13 HeatherMatlock  
14 PaulConlan  
15 DavidPearse  
16 Anthony JKelly The access to Ealing Broadway station is beyond believe. Suitable access will add value to the town centre.
17 TimMurtagh  
18 AllisonFranklin  
19 SitarahAnjum  
20 LaurenWall  
21 HiteshTailor  
22 AngelaDalton  
23 PennyJones  
24 HarbhajanKaur  
25 PhilGreenhead Network Rail is denying access to thousands of disabled people who would love to access other parts of London but for whom road travel is impossible. Most Cemntral London stations are accessible now - but Ealing residents are missing out.
26 OnkarSahota  
27 ElisabethCoates I believe this is necessary as the flow of traffic in and out of the station is very high as there is only one exit which makes it even more difficult for elderly people, the disabled and those with luggage to fight their way in and out of the station.
28 Emma-LeighJohnson I have displaced hips and regularly travel with a buggy. Ealing Broadway station NEEDS an alternative to the stairs.
29 DeeMartin  
30 marksanders  
31 MichaelElliott There have been endless excuses for delayng improved access. We need urgent action.
32 JulieClements-Elliott  
33 GabriellaEvans  
34 NeilBass  
35 elizabethlusty  
36 JanetWong It will be great to have a lift at Ealing Broadway tube station as it is hard to carry suitcases up or down the stairs
37 millecycon  
38 LizHaas  
39 patlaguillo  
40 ElizabethKaye  
41 GuyKapteijns  
42 RaymondTemple Ealing Broadway station is a nightmare, all those passengers going up & down just one staircase. We urgently need a redevelopment along with new facilities for the bus stations.
43 PatrickTurner We have been promised improvements over and over again but they are always put on hold. The vast numbers of people using the station are We are being ripped off. We need the improvements to start now
44 SamanthaSchmidt An escalator is needed too (immediatly). One lift will be abused, smelly and over used. If you are old how can you stand and wait...prams will fill it and able body will be lazy and use it. Please listen to SEC!!!!!!!
45 JennyMoyse For such a busy station to have no lift is appalling.
46 MikSabiers Labour councillor for South Acton
47 JosephineBarry-Hicks Very badly needed and getting more so with an aging population.
48 AnnPhelps At 68yrs I had to help my daughter carry her disable son down the stairs in his pushchair Is Ealing station only for the able-bodied.
49 ElinorLandeg Installing a lift in the station would help disabled people, cyclists, people with pushchairs and children, and those with heavy baggage who use the station every day.
50 Jochen GeorgDehmel London is hosting the Paralympics in 2012, and it is quite conceivable that Paralympics athletes and guests will use Ealing Broadway station. Imagine the embarrassment for London of offering such a station with such shambolic facilities!
51 NajatZounaki  
52 SusanRiddiough  
53 AmandaNorrie This station suffers from systematic neglect. The staff are friendly and helpful but they are not supported by the up to date technology, as signboards are often out of use. Passengers often collide on the stairs to platforms 2 & 3. It is dangerous.
54 AdelGolding  
55 TimGolding  
56 SteveDonnelly  
57 MichelleHetherington I actually think escalators would be more versatile, but lifts would also be good as it is highly used by heathrow travellers with luggage!
58 RezartaBode I support the petition for a lift in Ealing Broadwa and for a full revamp of this old and dated station. Thank you
59 BridgetMcCall  
60 BadriPartha  
61 BikramSingh I understand that many old people would have enormous trouble walking up or down the stairs and I witness this roughly on a daily basis.
62 MallikaNayak Lift is very much require at Ealing broadway station as It is one of the busiest station, adding lift will definitely help all the commuters specially , disabled ones and those carrying heavy luggages..
63 YogeshDhonde  
64 YogeshDhonde A lift is must in Ealing. To start with we can have a lift for elderly people,women, kids and people with luggage and then the scope can be inceased as we have more number of lifts.
65 SusanBlyth  
66 SusanBrook ABout time!
67 DoreenHeinecke  
68 MargaretPauffley I'm unable to use stairs and do not drive so have 1 hour plus bus journey to central London stations for British Rail trains or a bus to Acton Town for the underground, the only one in the area with a lift.
69 sarah-janedixon please install a lift
70 RichardEvans  
71 TheresaByrne  
72 mohindermidha  
73 JamieWoodward  
74 Cllr KaramMohan Ealing Broadway is a very busy and important station and it needs lifts now
75 VineshPomal The whole station needs to be improved - and before Crossrail arrives!
76 RichardMwangi  
77 SueChurch  
78 AmaratSehgal  
79 SaileshSiyani  
80 RichardDennis Certainly,it is required because of the the heavy demand,and due the fact that the station is hardly disabled friendly.
81 ThomasWebster Ealing Broadway is a major transport interchange, not having disabled facilities here must cause severence for many people. The numbers of people involved should make this a positive business case for operators even if lift installation is expensive.
82 AnnemarieFugger I often travel from Ealing Broadway to Paddington or Heathrow, invariably with a suitcase and it is a nightmare getting to and from the platforms. The station is stuck in the dark ages. Forget about fancy buildings - give us a lift at EB
83 DanielFilson Not only is the station lacking a lift, it is also, by virtue of being very busy with people rushing through, quite an intimidating place for a frail person unsteady on their feet.
84 CalumMegson  
85 SarahDonovan  
86 DominicNovak